How to improve the light of a car headlight. 5 important points

Today I will share with you the ways that make it possible to make the light of car headlights brighter without changing its design, which will be very useful at night. The main problem headlights The front part of the headlight, as with all other elements of the car, is affected by many forces. It is not surprising that, during the operation of the vehicle, many errors occur. The light of the front part is directly proportional to the area under the rays. The front part of the headlight is most affected by: The glass gets dirty , which contributes to the yellowing of the glass . Dirt on the surface of the glass, clogged with dust, makes the surface of the light-gathering process incredibly inefficient. Dirt under the rays does not allow the glass to naturally collect dust, so it is necessary to clean it using a soft dry cloth . Don't be afraid that dirty under the rays will get into the interior, since there are no streaks or oil rings. To get rid of the dirt, you will need 3 things: A sheet of ordinary clean paper A sheet of toilet paper If you use a toilet for paper, then the amount of paper needed should be 2 sheets per box . The second option is to use ordinary kitchen paper, but it is better to use an ordinary tissue or a clean rag, because dirt on the paper is easily removed with a dry cloth. The third option is to use the same amount of toilet paper but in a tube, and to clean the glass from the inside when rinsing it. The tube should be warmed up to the required temperature using a microfiber towel . After the procedure, you need to store the glass in a tight container for overnight.